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1. Working out a theme

The process of commissioning begins with the client desiring something ranging from either very broad to very specific in concept. For example, a client may want a bench or sculpture and have no further idea of the style, material or detail at all. Another client may have detailed drawings and photographs already to hand. Wherever in this range the idea falls, it is always better for Jaz to discuss, preferably face to face, the concept in order to home in on a starting point for the design process. The theme is confirmed in writing. 

2. The Design Process

Drawings are made and 3 dimensional CAD (computer aided design) models are presented to the client. Sometimes real models are also needed. Ideas are rejected and honed until a solution is reached that meets and sometimes surpasses the client's requirements. (Surprising solutions can come about sometimes). The chosen design is agreed upon, time scales are set out, costs are worked out and agreed upon and the client then pays a deposit, normally one third of the total. 

3.   The Making Process

Jaz buys in the materials and will send photographs and short films ,where appropriate, of key stages in the making of the piece. The client is encouraged to visit the workshop to see first hand the piece being made. 

4. Completion

Once a client is happy that a project is completed the work is delivered and the balance is paid.

Please do contact Jaz to discuss a project. Remember there is no obligation to pay anything until a design is approved.

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The Times photo of bed in The Conran Shop
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Jaz was awarded the art prize at Hereford Cathedral School for 3 years running before going on to attain an honours degree in the history of art from The Courtauld Institute, London. He then had a 4 year period of being a dispatch rider, portrait painter, sculptor and graphic novelist. The graphic novel Nod's Dream was completed in 1993.

In 1994-5 he attended the advanced blacksmithing course in Hereford before setting up as a sole trader immediately after the course finished. He has been a designer/maker in metals and other materials ever since. Now Jaz Asbury Metal Design is a company specialising in designing and making bespoke staircases, sculpture, furniture, lighting, general and architectural fittings such as bridges, gates and railings. Over 450 commissions have been completed and customers include interior designers, architects and private clients prepared to look for the very best in contemporary metalwork.

Twenty years of traditional blacksmithing skills, modern welding and fabrication techniques and highly original design combine to create "wow factor" work of the very highest standards. Every piece of work is unique. Jaz's work has been made for exclusive hotels, restaurants, bars and private clients within the U.K., Europe and The Emirates. Working to deadlines is common and every job has been on time.

Between 2002 and 2006 Jaz converted a church into a luxury home using steel to make many features such as balconies, light fittings, and staircases. The incorporation of glass clear casting resins into his repertoire has been introduced over 2008 and has required many months of research and development.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jaz if you have any questions.